Mexicotips is a guide to explore the other Mexico, the part that is not mainly the rocky shores of Acapulco or Cancúns white sands. This homepage is about the part of Mexico, where mexicans live - and where there is a good chance to make friendships and sense the "true" Mexico.

We, Tina and Peder - have travelled mainly in the central parts of Mexico in holidays during the last 10 years and chosen some touristic places, which are attractive, non-expensive, somewhat hidden, and first of all not included in the traditional "packages". 

  • Tina - lives and works in Mx.City.
    The expert on where to go and how to get there in Mx.City.

  • Peder - lives and works in Copenhagen.
    The rookie, learning new things with every visit to Mexico.

  • Photos

    Here you find some of the photos we have taken - and maybe edited a little - to make them our personal impressions of Mexico

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